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Service for Enterprises

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1. Company Establishment, Alteration, Cancellation
Service Scope: to provide the establishment, alteration and cancellation service for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, Joint Venture, Representative Office, including the relevant pre-approval application.
The service includes local policy consultation, investment environment evaluation, assist to on-the-spot investigation, legal documents drafting and revising (in Chinese and English), Company structure consultation.
2.Company management
Service Scope: to establish and adjust the legal system of the company, including but not limited to human resource system, equity structure system, equity incentive system, management system, associated companies system, confidentiality system.
3. Human Resource System.
Service Scope: to establish the procedures of recruitment, to draft labor contract, employee handbook and other related legal documents, to provide legal training of labor law in Shanghai, to deal with the labor disputes and to provide legal consultation.
4. Merger and Acquisition
Service scope: to proceed due diligence on the target enterprise, to assist in negotiating, drafting and signing the agreement of M&A, to change the registry information of target enterprise on related governmental department.
5. Contract Management
Service Scope: to deal with all kinds of contract, agreement or other legal documents of the company, including but not limited to the sales contract, loan contract, lease contract, finance lease contract, hired work contract, construction project contract, transportation contract, technology contract, entrustment contract.
6. Intellectual property
Service Scope: to help company register trademark or copyright on governmental department, to protect the company from infringement of other company or person.
Protect Well-known brand on internet is our characteristic service.
7. Bankruptcy and Liquidation
Service Scope: to take over the bankrupt company and build a liquidation board, to help the company deal with the debts, employees, to terminate the company with cancellation procedures.
We deal with all the disputes above, including but not limited to the service of negotiation, mediation, settlement, litigation, arbitration, enforcement, etc.