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Labor Disputes

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I. Arbitration and litigation

We appeal for an arbitration, file a lawsuit or launch a complaint on behalf of employees against employers if an employer fails to pay full wages, social insurance, sign a written labor contract with an employee, arrange paid annual leave, pay overtime pay, pay non-competition compensation, pay worker’s compensation and indemnify or continue performing the contract after illegal termination of labor contract.

We appeal for an arbitration or file a lawsuit on behalf of employers against employees by requiring the employees to pay the non-competition compensation, determine the termination of labor contract and indemnify the losses of the company.

II. Scheme preparation at early stage of dispute

We provide employers and employees with solutions for the disputes that include fake sick leave, infringement of business secrets, misappropriation and violation of competition restrictions.

III. Legal advice

We provide employers and employees with legal advice on labor-related matter.

IV. Establishment of labor and personnel system

We assist enterprises to establish labor and personnel system and regulations on recruitment and dismissal, and draft legal documents like Labor Contract, Employee Resume, Employee Manual and Agreements on Termination of Labor Contract.