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Intellectual Property Protection

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I. Patent
1. Patent infringement litigation
2. Patent ownership dispute litigation
3. Patent contract dispute litigation
4. Patent invalidation and administrative litigation
5. Patent reexamination and administrative litigation
6. Patent application
II. Trademark:
1. Trademark litigation
2. Trademark opposition cases and administrative litigation
3. Trademark rejection and administrative litigation
4. Registered trademark invalidation and administrative litigation
5. Registered trademark revocation and administrative litigation
6. Trademark registration application
7. Identification of well-known and famous trademarks
III. Copyright
1. Copyright infringement litigation
2. Copyright ownership dispute litigation
3. Copyright contract dispute litigation
4. Copyright and computer software copyright registration
IV. Illicit competition
1. Counterfeit litigation
2. Trade secrets infringement litigation
3. False propaganda litigation
4. Commercial defamation litigation
5. Litigation for illicit competition of low price dumping
6. Litigation for illicit competition of bundling sale
V. Technical contract dispute litigation
1. Technical entrustment and cooperative development contract dispute
2. Technical transfer and transfer contract dispute
3. Technical consultation, service, training, intermediary contract dispute
4. Technical import and export contract dispute
5. Technical achievement award and reward dispute and authorship, honor and reward rights dispute
VI. Other intellectual property rights
1. Franchise agreement dispute
2. Network domain name ownership, infringement and contract dispute
3. Enterprise name (trade name) infringement and contract dispute
4. Integrated circuit layout-design right, infringe and contract dispute
5. New plant variety right, infringement and contract dispute