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Real Estate Law

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I. Property inheritance disputes
Scope of services: We deal with legal succession dispute (including trans-succession dispute and dispute on succession by subrogation), dispute on succession by testament, successor’s debt settlement dispute, legacy dispute, legacy support agreement dispute (involving breaking-up of a family and allotment of its properties)
Scope of services: Consultation, testament notarization (investigation), allograph testament, testament execution and representative action.
II. Property dispute
Scope of services: We deal with real estate development contract dispute (i.e. commercial housing sales), construction project contract dispute (i.e. civil construction, equipment installation and decoration), real estate service contract dispute (i.e. real estate consultation, appraisement and agency), House leasing contract dispute, property management dispute, neighboring right infringement dispute (i.e. neighboring water usage, drainage, lighting and ventilation), etc.
Service items include consultation, pre-trading due diligence, drafting and reviewing of legal documents, witness of the whole process, dispute settlement and representative action.
III. Demolition and relocation dispute
Scope of service: We deal with the public or private house demolition and relocation compensation dispute, including the disputes between demolished parties and other resettled parties, between the resettled parties and other resettled parties, and between tenants and sharers as well as the disputes due to loss of rights owned by unsettled persons with household registration, disposal of the public house owned by a dead tenant and demolition and resettlement of a public house without sharers.
Service items include policy consultation, agent negotiation, safeguarding of rights against illegal demolition, investigation and evidence collection, preservation of compensation for demolition and representative action.