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Contract Law

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Credit and debt counseling services include: 1. Investigation of debtor’s solvency and property clue, 2. Provision of credit disposal scheme and debt recourse scheme for creditor, 3. Issuance of Lawyer’s letter on demanding overdue payment authorized by creditor, 4. Initiation of legal proceedings against the debtor authorized by creditor, 5. Application for a freeze on the property of the other party. 

Contract dispute consulting services include: 1. drafting and revision of various contracts, 2. Pros and cons analysis of contract dispute, 3. Fixing of evidence by sending a Lawyer’s Letter, 4. Prosecution, 5. Application for a freeze on the property of the other party.

The types of contract include Sales Contract, Contract of Gift, Loan Contract, Lease Contract, Financial Lease Contract, Work-for-hire Contract, Construction Contract, Transport Contract, Technology Contract, Deposit Contract, Storage Contract, Commission Contract, Brokerage Contract and Intermediation Contract.

I. Business of non-litigation:

1. We assist enterprises to fix the effective evidences of the fact that both parties owe.

2. We fix facts by sending the Lawyer’s Letter.

3. We mediate in negotiations.

4. We offer counseling for overdue payment.

5. We assist in the litigant by drafting legal loan contract and other kinds of contracts (for example, Investment Agreement), to ensure the legality and validity of the subject (for example, inter-enterprise lending is not allowed), legality and validity of loan interest (Limit on bank interest multiples, the way of agreeing on overdue interest and agreement on the damages for breach of contract).

II. Litigation:

1. We determine or assist to determine the evidence for litigation to ensure the success in prosecution.

2. We search for the debtor’s property.

3. We strive to prosecute in our jurisdiction (which means to win the right of litigation jurisdiction by strategies).

4. We seal or freeze the property of the other party through litigation preservation.