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Criminal Defense

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There are three stages of criminal case.
1. The criminal investigation stage
In this stage, the public security organs or investigation department of prosecutorial organization will collect and investigate related evidence in order to ascertain the facts of the case.
The criminal suspect interrogated by investigation organ for the first time or taken coercive measures can hire lawyer to provide legal advice, apply for bail and meet with the criminal suspect in custody. In the event that the rights of suspect is have the right to the investigation organ about the crime suspected of, and may, the information related to the case to the criminal suspect. In the investigation stage, we will rush you need, in accordance with the law for criminal suspects to provide the following professional legal services:
2. The stage of review and prosecution
In the stage of review and prosecution, the public security organ for finding out the facts, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, concluded its investigation of a case, the prosecution of submissions, case file and evidence materials transferred to the procuratorial organs, decided by the procuratorial organs. Results there are two types: one is found guilty of a crime, shall be subject to criminal punishment according to law, decided to court; two is the law that was not deemed a crime, need not be given criminal punishment or exempted from criminal punishment, the decision not to initiate a prosecution. Thus, this stage is to determine the key moment transformation identity for the suspect who.
According to the provisions of the "Criminal Procedure Law" in article thirty-third, at this stage, the lawyer change our lawyer has been provided by the investigation stage of legal aid to defend people, in addition to the adults, we also provide professional innocence or light offence legal advice, and provide relevant evidence.
3. The trial stage
The trial is one of the most important stages of the whole criminal procedure, because after a long and painful wait, all problems, regardless of the outcome, will be settled. The defense lawyers in this stage shall review the case carefully, and then fight for the client in court.