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Tort Law

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Personal injury counseling services include:

1. Legal advice: We will arm you with laws and regulations, processing procedures and mediation skills.

2. Universal agent: You can be freed from troubling things which will be handled by experts.

3. We can represent you in the complete enforcement of reconciliation, mediation, litigation, property preservation and compensation execution.

4. We can query personal information, economic capability of both parties and plan the best negotiation. 

The personal injury compensation refers to a tort law that requires the infringer to compensate the obligor with property due to unlawful infringement to the life, health and body of a natural person, resulting in injury, disability, death and mental impairment. The lawyers of Keshang will strive to obtain the related rights and interests for the client with their rich experience in settling disputes over personal injury compensation by conducting the following legal services.

  1. Provision of advices on personal injury cases. Our lawyer will offer legal advices on personal injury cases upon the acceptance of a commission, including injuries caused by product defect, environmental pollution, construction, facility, animal, mental disease and public insecurity.

  2. Identification of grade of body impairment and analysis of responsibility. Our lawyer will collect and analyze evidences, cooperate with the former institutes that are designated by the government for identification of the grade of the victim’s body impairment and determine the party which bears the liability for the consequence according to the actual situation of the case.

  3. Planning of the compensation for personal injury. Our lawyer will work out a compensation scheme upon the calculation of the damages for personal injury, medical fee, nutrition fee, charge for loss of working time, nursing fee and lost bonus due to loss of working time according to the extent of injury and the compensation standards of different regions.  

  4. Negotiation and consultation. Our lawyer will represent the client in the negotiation and consultation with the representative of the other party on compensation, amount of subsidy and period of claim.

  5. Agency for appeal. Our lawyer will represent our client who is involved in personal injury case in the litigation for economic compensation and indemnification.