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Traffic Accident disputes

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I. Legal consultation and drafting of legal documents on behalf

1. We offer legal aid to the traffic accident party and answer legal questions.

2. We draft Indictment, petition for appeal, Answer brief, application for execution, etc. according to the demand of the party.

3. We explain insurance claim procedure, calculate the amount of compensation on behalf and negotiate about claims.

II. Participation in the traffic accident management by public security organ

1. We handle the procedures for determination and reviewing of traffic accident liability on behalf.

2. We identify the disability or apply for the identification of the disability on behalf.

3. We apply for re-identification of the disability due to opposition to the conclusion of identification on behalf.

4. We mediate for compensation on behalf.

5. We can organize mediation to obtain satisfactory compensation as mediator.

III. Civil compensation

If both of the traffic accident parties fail to settle in the civil compensation, or one party or both parties fail to perform the agreement which has come into effect, any party can prosecute for settlement and lawyer may accept the entrustment of either party to be his or her agent in the following practices.

1. To investigate and collect evidence for litigation.

2. To draft legal documents such as Indictment, Petition for appeal and answer brief.

3. To apply preservation of evidence and property (before litigation and during litigation)

4. To prosecute, appear, appeal and carry out counterclaim.

5. To attend the trial and participate in court investigation and debate, and propose, admit, waive and change the claim for reconciliation.

6. To apply for execution.

8. To lodge criminal incidental civil claims.