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Lu Chenqi

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Lu Chenqi 
Attorney at Law
Mobile Phone:+8615921168155
Mr. Lu graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law with a major in intellectual property. He is familiar with civil and commercial laws such as intellectual property law, contract law, company law, marriage law, and inheritance law. He is mainly engaged in contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, real estate disputes, marriage and family inheritance disputes, and claims. 
Work experience: 
After graduating in June 2014, he joined Shanghai Shantianda Storage Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., engaged in intellectual property related business, and handled trademark issues for dozens of companies including Bosideng;
In 2016, he joined Shanghai Conshine Law Firm, mainly dealing with intellectual property disputes, contract disputes and company fields and other related legal matters;
In June 2017, he represented Shanghai Ruiluxu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in the case of copyright infringement of photographers' photography photos. A total of nearly 30 infringing companies were sued, of which 15 cases were successfully compensated through judgment and settlement.
From 2016 to 2017, the case of Shanghai Sai Rui Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xunmei Auto Maintenance Service Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit against the infringer, and the client were successfully compensated.
In October 2017 and May 2018, the defendant's utility model patent infringement case of Hangzhou Juyixiang Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xuanyuan Office Furniture Co., Ltd. was successfully completed.