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Gong Ling

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Gong Ling
Attorney at Law
Mobile Phone:+8615921168155
Personal profile:
Shanghai Putuo District Legal Aid Center Detention Center duty lawyer, Shanghai Law Network 12348 duty lawyer, outstanding Communist Party member, corporate party branch secretary, Ganquan Community Foundation legal public welfare service project leader; graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law, received master's degree Degree, major in civil and commercial law; has a wealth of legal theory knowledge and litigation practices.
 Mrs. Gong is currently a professional lawyer in the property dispute and marriage and family dispute team of Conshine Law Firm. Deeply understand the policies related to house demolition and resettlement, focus on the litigation strategy of research on separation of products, and be good at investigation and evidence collection. She has very rich experience in handling cases and negotiating for house demolition, welfare housing resettlement, private property house demolition and resettlement, and commercial housing sales. She has accumulated rich experience in criminal defense due to her long-term legal aid work in the field of criminal defense.
Practice areas: marriage, real estate, demolition, inheritance, corporate labor disputes, traffic accidents; criminal defense, international trade, etc.