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Zhuang Kan

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Zhuang Kan
Attorney at Law
Mobile Phone:+8615921168155
Practice period: starting from November 2011---
Mr. Zhuang graduated from Shanghai University with a bachelor's degree in law. He is currently a lawyer of Shanghai Conshine Law Firm and a member of the Shanghai Lawyers Association. He has joined the backbone of the Shanghai Legal Aid Center and is also a legal advisor to a number of large companies. He has extensive experience in litigation and non-litigation. 
1. Legal counsel services for various types of companies: drafting various types of company contracts and business negotiations, assessing risk control of company decisions, and conducting legal training for employees and senior executives.
2. All kinds of marriage and real estate disputes, contract disputes, economic disputes, etc.;
3. Various criminal case services: insurance, meeting, defense, etc.;
4. Various non-litigation services: investigation and evidence collection, lawyer witness, transaction negotiation, etc.
Specialized areas of expertise: civil, criminal, corporate, etc.